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Well, we all know that alchemy is mostly about the efforts to turn a piece of any normal metal (or even any other material) into a piece of noble priceless gold. Whether the initial purpose of such undertaking was to make everybody equal and happy or not, the chemical knowledge discovered by those medieval enthusiasts appeared to be more than valuable for the further development of the whole science of chemistry. We cannot know it for sure, but probably even today, in the 21st century, there are some huge research centers where the world’s least known geniuses are working on incredible things, which are too impossible to imagine in the most fantastic dream. Somehow I found myself impressed by this idea. I know, I know, it might sound crazy (or insert your word here). But why doesn’t it have a right to exist? Especially in the head of a budding writer. So, welcome to my Lab and get ready to find facts, news, explanations, prompts, solutions, and many other niceties, which will help you compose outstanding and original essays! Call to your courage and enter the parallel world of creativity to look at the reality from a different angle. And to become the writer you want to be!

Alchemy of Writing: What Is the Secret

The process of writing is more mysterious than it may seem at first sight. Once I got really interested in the way how our brain works when we need to write something, regardless of what it is: a quick message to a friend or a college term paper. I actually found a lot of interesting things. But the most amazing discovery for me was the fact that due to particular serious brain disorders a person cannot understand what is said orally, but can read and write. That was the time I really regretted that I was not a doctor to understand all those mechanisms better. Still, I started to analyze how I felt when I was right about to sit down and write (or type) something. I even outlined some of my observations in a special notebook. And you know what? I once realized that writing can be easily compared with alchemy: it is when you take the medley of your thoughts and turn it into a neatly-written text. It is when you make something real, visible and readable of what does not even have any shape or weight.

a wizard

Your Ingredients and Tools

This idea inspired me. So, I decided to share my experience with everyone who wants to comprehend and master the art of writing. Let us see what powers and items we can use to write impressive, persuasive and memorable things.

Sources for Inspiration

In this blog you will find plenty of amazing ideas for your own performance. By the way, whatever tip or solution you decide to take, you will go unique in any case. You see, this is because the way you understand the chosen tip is absolutely unique. Another author would interpret it differently. You can rely on your own imagination and knowledge in order to turn a certain idea into an original piece of writing.

Magic Wand? And Other Instruments

It is not enough to be the owner of a magic wand, right? Its owner must know what to do and what not to do with it. Your laptop is also a useful thing to type your essay, but as a machine it can hardly help you to write anything if you have no ideas on what you would like to write. I know how it feels. So, here you will discover time-tested strategies, effective stylistic devices, helpful recommendations which will stand you in a good stead and improve your skills.

Potions for Your Reader(s)

Do you want your blog to have a lot of subscribers or your book to have a lot of buyers? Would you like to know how to meet the expectations of discerning readers? With this blog you will learn how to become the master of words and present them in the right way. You will be able to see what on earth your readers expect from you and how you can create it. <alt>

A Few Final Words About the Whole Craft

We can always distinguish a smart online newspaper article from an application letter. And that is the thing! We are going to explore different facets of writing activity, because (and you should take this idea into consideration) generalization is a poor approach to it. So, our research will be focused on:

  • students’ writings;
  • business papers;
  • ads and different writing strategies applied in marketing;
  • fiction and science fiction;
  • plus, there will always be a time for a small surprise.

Follow the updates and may the force stay with you!